We now have the option for much stronger democracy, with more inclusion and accountability.

This campaign is different, in a stark way, because I'm running as a "Liquid Democracy Candidate".   

This means our campaign is not about any single issue, opponent, or even about me. Instead, it’s about building a fundamentally better, more inclusive and trustworthy political process.

We can do this through liquid democracy, where constituents can choose to vote directly on every bill, as well as assign personal proxies to represent their vote on one or more bills or topics.

If elected, I promise to vote on every single item as directed by voters in California Assembly District 19, using the liquid-driven platform at www.liquid.us.

Voters will be involved in crafting and fighting for legislation every step of the way, rather than only at the ballot box.

Liquid US is already built and ready to go. Go to www.liquid.us, sign up (it's free), and pick some proxies now if you haven't already. ⚡️It only takes about 3 minutes, and will help hold your representatives accountable from now on.


A Growing Movement

I'm not the first Liquid Democracy Candidate in America. That honor goes to Camilo Casas, who ran for Boulder city council last year.

His campaign was a smashing success for awareness building: it got lots of national coverage — NPR, Vice, Boston Globe, and more. Millions of new people around the world learned about liquid democracy and how we can make it a reality with these special pledged candidates.

This year, there's also Sergey Piterman on the ballot in Oakland. Victoria Alexander is supporting liquid democracy in New York, and Nathan Altman in IndianaHopefully there will be many more of us yet to come.

Liquid democracy is a question of when, not if.

Liquid democracy: Pick anyone you want to represent you, with the option to override or replace them at any time.

I've spent the last 18 months of my life focused on making this possible, and spoken to many new people every day. The vast majority of people, given enough time and thought, become very enthusiastic about this future we're working towards.

Amazingly, this enthusiasm is shared across political affiliations, incomes, age, gender, race, geography, you name it.

This is about something much bigger than any single seat.

This is how 21st century democracy can work.

It's about more humane political representation for our modern, rapidly changing world.

Please consider supporting this campaign. Please donate here: liquiddavid.com/donate

This is our chance to reach orders of magnitude more people than we've been able to so far.

It would be an honor to have you on our team.


David Ernst